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Lada Niva Tailgate ABS Plastic Impact Resistant

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Unpainted ABS-Plastic Impact Resistance Lada Niva tailgate. 

This tailgate is the best alternative for the metal tailgate.


Weight - 7.6kg

The ABS tailgate is 100% corrosion resistant and more resistant to minor damage.  The plastic tailgate for LADA 4x4 is made of 3 parts,  which are connected by high-strength ultrasonic soldering.

A steel reinforcement with mounts for gas-oil shock absorbers is integrated into the door body.

(Doors MUST be painted after purchase).

When painting plastic, it is FORBIDDEN to dry at a temperature above 35 degrees. From this, he loses his properties. These are not steel parts that are dried at high temperatures and under lamps.

Attention! You can't install a ladder on your tailgate. 

Plastic tailgate for LADA 4x4 NIVA car is suitable for cars produced since 1994.

Products made of ABS plastic have increased strength and exclude the formation of corrosion.

In addition, they are lighter than a metal counterpart, which affects the reduction in the total weight of the car.


The inner and outer parts are vacuum formed from 3.5 mm plastic (total thickness up to 7 mm). A steel reinforcement is integrated into the door body along the contour of the upper part of the product. The plastic tailgate has all the technological holes and latches for installing the sheathing, fastening handles, lifts, etc.

Here is the installation video -


Unlike metal doors, plastic counterparts are 100% protected from corrosion and withstand direct and tangential impacts, returning to their original position after touching.

Another factor is the resistance of plastic doors to chipped paintwork.

ABS - plastic dampens impacts from road gravel, preserving expensive car paint.

(Tailgate MUST be painted after purchase). Paint is needed to protect the plastic and preserve the structure of the ABS plastic.

That is why we do not recommend installing and operating unpainted doors on a car.

More videos about this tailagate.

Crush test -

Manufacturing  -


Partnumber: 21213-6300014
Product Code: 26558
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