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Lada Niva Front Brake Pads TRW

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Fits all Lada Niva.

TRW Aftermarket brake pads are the best in the business, offering high quality, reliable performance that you can trust whenever you need it.

Improved brake pad performance with COTEC

TRW developers have come up with a way for you to get the very best from the front or rear brake pad replacement. It’s called COTEC.

This advanced silicate coating is applied to the friction material of replacement brake pads, resulting in improved contact between the brake disc and pad.

TRW COTEC brake pads can stop vehicles up to seven meters quicker than other premium brake pads during the first few stops following a pad change (known as the bedding-in period). This innovative technology means that TRW out-perform all major competitors during the bedding-in period of the pad when the friction coefficient is lower than usual.

Because it improves safety from the moment the driver leaves the garage, over 90% of the brake pads that TRW sells in Europe have already been COTEC coated.

Partnumber: 2121-3501090
Product Code: 20168
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