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Lada Niva / 2101-2107 Plasma Nitrited Inlet Valve Set AMP

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Lada Niva / 2101-2107 Inlet Valve Set With Plasma Nitrited Technology. 

Brand - AMP

Price for the 4 pieces

AMP - Factory PARADOWSCY AMP Sp. z o.o. from Poland.

Outstanding quality and great price compared to the Original Valve set. 

In 2007 PARADOWSCY AMP Sp. z o.o. was the only company in Poland which started the production of  engine valves that were hardened by means ofthe process of impulse plasma nitriding, according to the technology developed by the Precision Mechanics Institute in Warsaw. This process is the most recent way of metal nitriding on a global scale.

AMP Valves advantges:

Long-term maintenance of tightness;
Resistance to high temperature and mechanical load strength;
Resistance to corrosion and erosion;
High degree of thermal conductivity coefficient;
Low degree of abrasion;
High hardness value of valve faces and stems at high operating temperatures;
Stability of material structure at high temperatures;

Partnumber: 2101-1007010
Product Code: 24904
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