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Auto Plasticine - Anti Corrosion 500gr

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AutoPlasticine is a universal synthetic agent with anti-corrosion and sealing properties. You can use the products for:

sealing glass seals;
dismantling of threaded connections;
protection of welds;
corrosion protection of the bottom and floor;
soundproofing cabin.
There are a number of ways to use protective autoplastin.

AutoPlasticine can be used as a sealant on virtually any surface of the car body and inside.

Good adhesive properties allow you to reliably combine the composition with materials of various types - glass, metal, rubber or plastic.

Anti-corrosion properties of the tool allow you to reliably protect metal surfaces from rust and the spread of corrosion that has already occurred.

The main feature of the tool is a cellular structure that allows the material to absorb sounds and isolate the cabin from external noise.

AutoPlasticine also has a number of additional properties:

resistance to high and low temperatures;
The product is not toxic, it does not emit substances hazardous to life and health in the air during use and after drying. The structure can be used both for the car, and for other technical devices.

Recommendations for use
By choosing a AutoPlasticine, you can use it for many years. Carefully follow the instructions for use and do not violate the conditions of storage and transportation. Means can be kept in the garage, at home or in the car.

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