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Aluminum Roof Racks are a must-have accessory for your Lada Niva. Our roof racks are engineered to elevate your off-road adventures.

Lada Niva Transfer Case Anti-Vibration Silent Levers Kit

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Suitable for installation for 2121,21213.21214,2131, Lada Urban

Complete interchangeability with standard levers

Installation is from the car, no need to remove the transfer case.

The improved design eliminates the penetration of vibration and excessive noise from the release arms into the car's interior

This is achieved through the detachable connection of the levers, the use of an intermediate anti-vibration bushing and the hollow design of the transfer case lever, which directly exits into the interior of the car.

The mechanical ringing from the handles completely disappears. The levers no longer transmit vibration. Soft inclusion, very similar to the gearbox.

The lever no longer goes directly into the cabin, it does not transmit metallic noise from the transfer case. It is assembled through rubber-plastic sleeves, which extinguish the noise and vibration from the transfer case.

Partnumber: 2121-1804052 2121-1804040
Product Code: 70310
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