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Lada Interior Rear View Mirror And Trim Adhesive Glue 6ml

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Especially strong and fast-setting glue.
In addition to the main purpose, it can be used in all cases of metal-glass, metal-metal, glass-glass compounds. 

Good for the trianlge window chrome handles.

Mode of application:
1. Thoroughly clean the surfaces to be glued, mark on the windshield the gluing area with a felt-tip pen.
2. Remove the cap from the ampoule with the activator and put it on the other end of the ampoule.
3. Gently squeeze the ampoule, crushing the inner glass portion.
4. Apply a thin layer of activator to the bonding area on the windshield.
5. Tear off the spout of the capsule with glue and apply, without spreading, one drop on the adhesive mirror holder.
6. Press the surfaces to be glued, slightly move the holder from side to side (5–10 sec.) And squeeze in the final position for 1–2 minutes.

Precautionary measures: contains isopropanol, amino acids. In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse with water. Use in a ventilated area.

Ingredients: isopropanol, metal salt complex.

Partnumber: RV495R
Product Code: 24864
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