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Lada Niva Front Steel Differential Sport Izh-Techno

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Weight: 12.000
Partnumber: V-FS-WW-SRPM
Product Code: 26537

Lada Niva Front Steel Differential Sport Izh-Techno

Fits anyt Lada Niva

Comes wih the full installation kit (see pictire #2)

You will need a rear differential to use with this steel differntial.

We have a great solution  - rear differentials with the pre installed torsen differential. 

Please compare the differential ratio and with your Lada to be sure that you are installaing the corect set.

24 teeth system (2003-On) - Product Code:  26339

22 teeth system (1976-2003) Product Code:  26456


We work directly with the Izh-Techno factory,  you can pre order this and any other parts from us! 

The stee Front Steel Differential Niva (LADA 4x4) and Chevrolet Niva has increased mechanical strength and is not afraid of high off-road loads.

The installation of this unit from IZH-TECHNO allows you to improve the reliability of the transmission.

Front Steel Differential is made of high-quality high-strength steel, has the correct geometry and improved design. This makes it easy to install and maintain compared to the standard aluminum differentials as well as the many homemade modifications on the market.

Features of this Steel Differental

Strength and wear resistance. The thickness of the crankcase is 4 mm, the thickness of the brackets is 8 mm, the thickness of the SRPM rear plate for attaching to the stabilizer is 6 mm. The front axle gear housing itself is made of high-quality carbon steel. The high strength of the material makes the steel crankcase resistant to mechanical stress that occurs when installing wheels of a larger diameter and operating the car in off-road conditions.

Complex solution. Only with us, everything you need to install the SRPM is already included, at no additional cost. All components are high quality and perfectly matched.

Ensures long service life of transmission elements. When installing SRPM, full engagement of the spline joint of the CV joint and side gear is ensured, which greatly increases the resource of this unit.

Thoughtful design. Unlike most other manufacturers, the tolerance of holes for bearings in SRPM flanges from IZH-TECHNO meets the requirements and is only +0.04 mm, which guarantees the correct operation of CV joint bearings.

Does not require modification of the gearbox and RPM flange during its installation. The fit of the bearing ensures a snug fit of the cover to the axle gearbox, since the diameter of the bearing housing corresponds to the standard factory one.

Increased strength and load capacity of the CV joint bearing. Instead of a ball bearing, a roller bearing of a smaller diameter is installed on the CV joint of the gearbox, while having a greater load capacity and strength.

Ease of maintenance. Already reinforced silent blocks are installed in the SRPM of the Sport series, from the VAZ 2108 the brackets also need to be welded to the beam, but the Sport series gearbox has one huge plus, the brackets for attaching to the beam to the SRPM itself are bolted. This greatly simplifies the maintenance of this node.

Corrosion resistance. The product is painted with a new polyurethane coating "Translak", which in its anti-corrosion properties significantly exceeds powder coatings. And has excellent decorative properties and durability; high light and weather resistance; resistance to sea and fresh water, solutions of alkalis, acids, oil, mechanical stress and even electricity. In addition, translak is advantageous in that even with a small chip, the part is painted over locally. Powder, for it would be necessary to paint over the whole thing.

The warranty for the SRPM body is 5 years. We are responsible for the quality, reliability and durability of our products.

Installation Features:

Installation of the SRPM requires little welding work.

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