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Lada Niva Transfer Case Speed Gear Kit

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Installation kit - "Accelerated transfer case" for powerful Diesel and forced petrol engines of Lada Niva.

     Changes the transmission ratio by 18%, ensuring rational use of increased power by increasing wheel speed.
An accelerated transfer case is equivalent to the appearance of a "sixth speed" in the gearbox. At the same time, the transfer case retains its standard reduction gear.

     Operating fuel consumption does not increase since the accelerated transmission reduces the speed of the forced engine when driving.

Installation of this set requires replacing the original gears with new ones.

Approximately on a Diesel engine
at 100km/h, you will have a 2400 rpm engine
at 125km/h, you will have a 3000 rpm engine
at 140km/h, you will have a 3500rpm engine

Comparative parameters of the accelerated transfer case:

Parameter Standard transfer case

High gear transfer case 1.205
Transfer case low gear 2.135

Accelerated transfer case

High gear transfer case 0.99
Transfer case low gear 2.135

You can watch the engine running at different speeds with the kit installed in this video.

Remember that we also have a Transfer case Rock Crawler set that fits any Lada Niva. This set will lower your low transfer case gear for better off-roading. 

Here is the LINK to the part and demonstration video in the description.

Partnumber: Speed gears
Product Code: 70561
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